Useful Links

Useful Links

Remote Learning

As we move in to the next phase of this pandemic we are continuing to adapt and improve our online offer. 

With families facing uncertainty over the prospect of home educating again we have been working on our offer in different scenarios. 



Remote Learning Offer

Awaiting Test Results

This is the most common scenario we face. Your child, or a close contact, has shown symptoms and you have taken the right steps to get a test. 

Though in most cases tests results are returned within a few days, parents often ask what should the children be doing at home?

If your child is unwell, whether it turns out to be Covid-19 or not, we suggest that school work is not the priority. The focus should be on getting better, plenty of rest and recuperation. 

If your child is generally well within themselves, we are suggesting they access the Oak National Academy Online Learning Portal. 

This is a Government funded website that provides high quality digital learning for children. This can be accessed by  clicking the link below:

  Oak National Academy


We have a positive case at home (or with a close contact)

If your child has been in close contact with a person who has returned a positive test they must isolate for 14 days, as advised by Public Health England. 

In this scenario your child will need to be educated at home. 

As with our previous advice families must manage this in a way that works for them. The school does not have any set expectation on a family to manage this scenario in any specific way. 

During this two week period we would advise that the Oak National Academy is an excellent source for progressive, age appropriate tasks.

Unfortunately the school will be unable to provide blended learning between home and school. Class teachers will continue to stay in contact via Google Classroom.

Oak National Academy


Bubble Closure

 If a positive case of Covid-9 has been confirmed in school we may have to close a class bubble. 

In this scenario we the school would  provide learning daily learning activities via Google classrooms. 

We have been successfully using Goggle Classrooms now for six months. A daily English and Maths task will be provided as well as curriculum actives for the week. 

If a teacher is in good health they will also upload explanation videos for each task. 

The work will be uploaded in blocks for children to access at their own pace. 

More to do at home


Stay Active

The Body Coach

Each morning at 9.00am Jock Wicks is doing a live broadcast called 'PE with Joe'. These 20 minute sessions are designed to do in your living room and could be a great activity to keep the family active. Each video is also available to view on demand.


Cosmic Kids Yoga:

A great website that has many different guided meditations, Yoga and story sessions. 

Click the link below to access their website:


Go Noodle: Good Energy -

This website and App is a great place to find activities, exercises, Dance routines and much much more. Click the link below the video for more information. 


BBC Super Movers - 

Super Movers is a campaign brought to you from the BBC and the Premier League - Their aim is simply to get kids active.

Click the link below the video to access the Super Movers BBC webpage:



Phonics and Reading

Phonics Play

Phonics play are offering all parents access to the online games for free.

Most of the games are for you to play alongside your children as apposed to something they can do independently. There are however a selection of games that they can play independently.

Click the link below to access the phonics play website:

The Book Trust

The BookTrust have a range of free online stories to read or listen to for younger readers. There are also language based games the children can play. 


Libraries West - Free E-Books

For parents wanting to access a range of free E-Books you can sign up for Libraries West. They will issue you with a temporary ID so you can Log in and access a range of E-books$N?pc=SYMWS


BBC Bitesize

A range of reading, writing, phonics and grammar games and activities. 

KS1 -

KS2 -




Wider learning opportunities

 Brain Pop - 

Brain Pop is offering free home access to families impacted by school closures. This wide ranging website has a wealth of activities the children can complete. From reading about famous authors to working their way through specific maths skills - this site covers so much.

Once signed up you can use your log in details on the website and for their downloadable apps from IOS and Android.



The Dad Lab is a YouTube channel that has lots of exciting experiments that you can do at home, with things you are likely to have at home!

Screen Free time 

Not everything the children do needs to be in front of a screen. As we know too much time in front of a computer screen is not great for children's development. 

Below are a couple of ideas to engage the children away from a screen:

  Pobble's 25 things to do away from a computer.

   30 Day Lego Challenge - Why not compete with your families and friends?