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Head Teacher's Vision


Huge Heart

We are a Church of England school committed to excellence. Children are valued as individuals and we truly put them at the heart of everything that we do. This is a happy, caring and welcoming school in which Christian and British values are upheld in all relationships. We are nurturing children to be confident, resilient and able to stand up for themselves and support others. They recognise that mistakes are part of getting things right. The roots we help them sow in these early years sets the foundation upon which they will grow long in to their adult life.   

Small school; Big dreams

We are developing our curriculum to ensure that Olveston School children are prepared for the next stage of their Learning Journey. We believe that education should be a life long journey of new opportunities. Children’s learning begins with a belief that they can do whatever they set their minds to; pupil voice is a strong part of our curriculum. Our topics start with the child’s perspective and then move on to consider local, national and global communities. We are setting the foundations of learning for a rapidly changing world. 


Rooted in Love

Our learning goes beyond the classroom, children love the outdoors. We have opened the door to sustainability and we are embracing all the changes this leads to.  You will find us in a beautiful area of rolling green fields and scenic countryside. Our pupils have the advantage of learning in the centre of a vibrant village that is close to our local church. Our children are risk takers supported by adults who put their safety at the centre of play and learning.



A Helping Hand

We support charities that are close to the heart of our children and families. We work hard to understand the cultures and beliefs of children both nationally and globally.  ‘OUR’ curriculum prepares our children for global citizenship. They understand their responsibilities as well as their rights. Our outward reaching approach also encourages and values the contribution of parents, governors and church to our school’s development.


and finally – we are committed to ensuring that Olveston school days are filled with joy and fun. We are an all-inclusive learning environment which stimulates and excites.