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British Values

British Values Statement

At Olveston we recognise the multicultural, multi-faith nature of the United Kingdom and understand the crucial role that schools play in promoting these values.

As a community we embrace the Government’s definition of British Values:

*  Democracy

*  The rule of law

*  Individual liberty

*  Mutual respect

*  Respect for those with different faiths and beliefs

Examples of the ways that the various values are promoted include:

* As a church school we celebrate that our Christian values are also good values that are embedded within the lives of our children.

* An active school council promote democracy and include all pupils in decisions made about their school

* An active ethos council promote global learning and values

* The school encourages visitors from other cultures, and visitors from other faiths, who share their language and experiences with pupils

* At school, children are actively encouraged to make choices, knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment

* Our buddy system builds a culture of nurture, respect and love.

* Our year 6 ambassadors support across the school with developing the school values and expectations. Though these are not specifically worded as the ‘British Values’ our school values very much compliment and reinforce these.

Christian Values

Each half term we have a Christian value. This is introduced in Collective Worship. The value is on display throughout the school and in reflection areas. All adults make reference to it throughout the week to support learning in the classrooms and behaviour around the school.

Values are promoted in many different ways including: 

* Collective Worship where stories, images, events and music promote the values

* Religious education lessons covering key religions represented in the UK, to promote understanding of religious diversity and practices

* PE lessons promoting the concept of ‘fair play’

* In lessons promoting how the value can support with work

* The feedback received around the ‘BLP’s’ (See the BLP page on our website)

Prevent Strategy

Please click on the link below to view a leaflet detailing how the school implements the government's new Prevent strategy which was implemented in July last year.


  Olveston Parent/Carer Information about the Prevent Agenda