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Parents and members of our local community have a key role in our school. They are responsible for raising significant funds, organising events and giving our pupils the opportunities to experience a wide range of additional activities.

Thank you to the current members of FoOS and for all the time they give to our school:

 The current FoOs team is:

Charlotte Witherbed (Chair – Yr 4 Parent)

Jodie Summers (Vice Chair - Yr5 and Yr2 Parent) 

Emma Slade (Secretary – Yr2 Parent)

Mrs Hemming (School Office)

Emma Gerrard (Yr3 Parent)

Jane Jenkins (Yr6 and Yr3 Parent)

Katie McNeil (Yr5 Parent)

Ellena Taylor (Yr6, Yr 4, Yr 2 and Reception Parent)

Sara Vogan (Yr 2 Parent)

Louise Paterson (Yr3, Yr2 and Reception Parent)

Ingrid Broadbent (Reception Parent).

Kat North (Yr 2 - Treasurer)


Friends of Olveston School (FoOS) is the team of volunteer parents who schedule, organise and publicise a timetable of fundraising activities and events for our families.

See below for the latest FoOS newsletter.

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